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VIP Security for VIP Clients

Influential people of VIP and VVIP levels, business and political leaders are always on the checklist of many events and high-profile parties, calling the need for trained security personnel. Also, women of our society sometimes need security in many situations whenever the level of threat is high such as night time travel. For clients in both cases, escort security is required to perform their tasks with aplomb and razor-sharp alertness.

Haritage Security provides escort security that is highly reliable and trained for all situations. We have a specialized fleet of security escorts serving high-profile clients in and around Bihar. They undergo extreme physical drills under the supervision of expert professionals, who have already served in the industry before.

With an increasing number of female molestation cases in India, the role of security escort is gaining more demand. The primary duty of the escort is to ensure complete safety of the passenger/possession in the vehicle; he’s deployed in until they reach the destination.