Hospitality security services

For That Safe and Secure Experience

Hospitality security services are responsible for the security of their guests and staff as well. The guests have to feel safe and secure for themselves and their valuables. Any breach of security in this sector leads to loss of trust and hampers the brand image of the business. Whether it is about cybersecurity, room keys or surveillance, the hospitality sector cannot take any half measures and have to collaborate with the best in the domain security providers.HARITAGE SECURITY SERVICES are always at the forefront when it comes to hospitality security services. Our security personnel feel a sense of pride and ownership and are eagle-eyed for any incident and theft happening at the workplace. They are well-trained for the following events :

  • Handling and ensuring the safety of the guests : Aggressive and abusive behaviour is a common sight in the hospitality sector. In such situations, the security service should be trained and smart enough to deal with the circumstances calmly without raising the issue any further. The security personnel should be courteous enough to accompany and safely guide the guests to their rooms in case of a lock-out during the night time or if they get lost in the vast premises.
  • Screening the area : A security personnel has to ensure that all the zones and secluded areas of the hotel and restaurant are well-monitored through security cameras. They also have to ensure that the vehicles entering the parking zones are leaving the premises securely without any break-ins or burglaries. They have to be eagle-eyed for any untoward incident taking place within the premises of the business.
  • Event security : Hotels and restaurants are known to host many events, gatherings, and functions involving too many guests. The safety of these guests is the responsibility of these security guards. They have to ensure that the occasion goes by without any untoward incident.
  • Safety of the staff : Just like the guests, even the staff security is a responsibility of the security guard. Many times, the hotel staff have to encounter abusive guests; during such times, the security personnel on duty are their only insurance.